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For the 1999-2000 season, SL is reviewing a bunch of new ski movies. Ski  movies are the number one place to see how top atheletes ski. Movies are great for seeing new tricks, styles, skis, and new faces. Movies keep us up to date on the level of talent their really is. They are also great for a bunch of friends to yell at each other..."Hey! I can do that!"

The first movie of the year is "Higher on the Mountain" by Straight Up Films.

Title-Higher on the Mountain

Company-Straight Up Films

Sponsors-The North Face, Gore-Tex,, Skiing Magazine.

Producers-Rob, Wric, and Adam DesLauriers

Featuring-Jeremy Nobis, Sick Rick Armstrong, Scot Schmidt, Jay Nelson, Jim Zellers, Megan Pischke

Setting-Alaska and Asia

Highs-Sick Intro


Review-Great documentary of 6 passonate atheletes. The movie brings out the fun and dangers in climbing and backcountry skiing. Higher on the Mountain is full of old school and new school tricks and styles, as well as vigourous climbs for the ultamite ride. "Follow the journey of discovery through fear, courage, revelation and survival." A must see film if you love the sport.

To purchase "Higher on the Mountain" call 1-877-669-7422 or visit their website at

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